Best way to lose weight 2021 – 7 Days Diet Plan

Best way to lose weight 2021 – 7 Days Diet Plan


While there are tons of diets plan and ways to lose weight, therefore, the question arises in our mind that which is the best diet or method to get rapid weight loss. Moreover, you can find millions of weight loss supplement and meal replacement plans claiming the fastest weight loss and most of them haven't any scientific evidence. Here, in this article, you will get to know about the best and effective weight reduction and management methods for you through scientific evidence. Because we all know fit body shape means a healthy body. Relatively, an overweight person considered less healthy as compared to a slim person.

Top Diet for fast weight loss

Ketogenic diet: Diet is very popular among people, This is a low carb intake diet plan where you force your body to switch its energy source, where the body uses fat as an ideal energy fuel instead of a carb. According to dieters, it is a great and effective diet plan for massive weight drop. Right now, celebrities and film stars are also following diet plans to manage their weight.

Intermittent fasting

Basically, it is not a diet instead it is a lifestyle. Here, you eat only in a limited time frame and the remaining 12 hours of fasting. Whereas you only eat one time a day and the rest you only drink water, tea, or coffee, and detox. According to doctors and nutritionist, this method really works because during intermittent fasting we eat fewer calories which help in weight loss.

Mediterranean diet: This was the best overall diet in 2020, many people liked this diet plan. As per the dieters, it is based on a traditional pattern of Mediterranean countries where you assume to eat more green produce, olive oil, fruits, whole grains, and nuts. And meat consumption is limited to a weekly basis, while dairy products are not allowed to consume. Apart from shedding fat, it also helps with type 2 diabetes.

Vegan Diet: A vegan diet is the strictest form of vegetarianism. Wherefore some ethical, environmental, and health reasons you restricted to animals. The majority of the people follow this diet for their ethics. apart from inhibiting meats, people even abstain from having an egg, animal-driven products such as honey, whey, gelatin, and some form of V-D(vitamin D), and dairy products. And many research and studies say following this diet can prevent you from heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

DASH Diet: In 2020, DASH Diet was considered the second-best diet plan after the Mediterranean diet. The diet helps to stop hypertension. in other words, the DASH diet is an eating plan which is designed to reduce your high blood pressure. Additionally, it is also good for those individuals who want to lose weight. Here, you are supposed to eat fruits, lean meats, whole grains, and vegetables.

Exercises for effective weight loss: Currently, people join a gym for fast and proper weight loss, and it does work. Gyming aids to maintain your lean muscles and also melt down your fat. But still, there are lots of exercises that you do in your house without paying any single penny.

1.) SQUATS:- This is also known as muscle-strengthening exercise, this mainly creates pressure on the lower part of the body. Whereas it helps to burn more calories and reduces fat rapidly from the lower of the body. 3 sets of 12 to 15 reps, expected better results.

2.) YOGA:- Yoga is a traditional therapy that helps to improve your health. It is born in India and right now, spreading all over the world. A combination of a healthy diet and yoga can help you to reduce weight effectively. Moreover, you will get inner peace of the body, and also, it reduces your mental stress.

3.) PUSH-UPS AND PULL-UPS:- push-ups are one of the famous exercises between people, it is also considered as power exercise. The workout can be done any time, anywhere, by anyone, and you don't need any machine, therefore it is amazing and great for your weight management. pull-ups make pressures on different muscle groups and great for burning calories. Where you will experience a fast weight drop.

4.) PLANKS:- plank exercise or plank pose is one of the effective full-body workouts, this single workout aids to strengthen different muscles in the core, shoulders, arms, hips, and chest. Moreover, planks help to burn excess fats and calories quickly.

Things or habits that you should avoid for easy weight loss.

Drinking Alchohol:- consuming alcohol is harmful to your health, and some people don't know fact that alcohol contains a high level of calories. High calories lead to weight gain faster.
Lack of sleep:- less sleep can irritate you but also it is reasonable to your weight gain. Many studies and research have shown that lesser sleep can increase your weight.

Drink less water:- it is a must to drink 9 to 10 glasses of water, but most of us could not be able to drink enough water.

Eating fast:- consuming meal is necessary for every creature. But sometimes we eat fast which is a bad habit.
Sugar consumption:- taking too much sugar can increase fat in your body. Moreover, it causes diabetes and more healthy diseases.

Last words for extra tips

Our habit and diet affects our body weight but still there some more reasons that can affect your weight. Likewise, taking too much stress can be harmful to the brain as well as the body. And eating while watching TV also causes weight gain, when we are putting our focus on Tv then we do not realize that how much food we consumed. Same like this you can count tons of reasons for your body fat. To avoid all these things, the best thing is to maintain your diet and do daily exercises according to your schedule. For best make a proper schedule or chart and then follow it strictly.

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